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Don't listen to us, listen to our playgrounders...


MIKE lost a load of weight in two months and really loves the spacehopper sessions!  In fact he is our 'undisputed Space Hopper Champion! 

Find out more by watching this video - he may or may not give away his space hopper techniques!


Cecily recommends The Playground!

Find out how she lost 10lbs and 10cms off her hips and nearly 7cms from her waist in just two months.


Hear what Matt has to say about his time at The Playground!

He lost a stone and nearly 3 inches off his waist in just two months and thinks The Playground is a great & fun way to get fit and is very effective!


teresa telus

"Rich gave me the motivation I needed to up my fitness after having been pretty inactive through my chemotheraphy and cancer treatment. It's a fun way to exercise with a great group of people that you really get to know, while knowing that Rich is keeping an eye on you.

The service and support Rich provides is excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending The Playground and will do so if the opportunity arises." -Teresa

mike "Everyone just goes at their own pace. I was really unfit but I have never felt embarrassed - it's fun and I'm losing weight and getting fitter!" - Mike                                   
matt price "I lost a stone and nearly 3 inches off my waist in just two months! The Playground is a great & fun way to get fit and is very effective!' - Matt
cecily "The Playground has been great fun, every session is different.  I've lost 10lbs, 10 cms off my hips and nearly 7cm from my waist in just two months" - Cecily 
louise "I never thought I would enjoy losing weight and getting fit so much! I spend most of my time at The Playground laughing and I saw results in just four weeks!" – Louise
woman "After 8 sessions the results have been very positive, I can see my body shape has changed, my fitness levels have improved and I feel a much healthier and happier person" - Lauren

"From day one (after a number of years of inactivity) I found Rich to be both extremely knowledgeable and professional, and able to deal with clients of all levels." - Peter


"Results were instant and I noticed them in everyday situations, walking up the stairs, lifting and carrying shopping etc.

Sessions are fun with a range of exercises to keep it fresh and exciting.

Working out with you is fun and addictable." Sharon


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