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Want to get fit before you hit the slopes?
Get your snowboarding season off to the best start possible and don't waste a day struggling to find your ski legs.

Join the only Chichester fitness bootcamp where:

Results are GUARANTEED



Experience Chichester’s friendliest and most enjoyable fitness classes and if you don’t lose weight, get fitter and have more fun than you’ve ever had exercising, we’ll give you your money back!

Ski expert and qualified personal trainer Rich Evans leads the classes with people like you who are getting ready for ski season.

If you need results fast, our outdoor group sessions will get you ready to hit the slopes and feeling healthy and strong in no time.

Here’s why people like you love our sessions:

☻ Proven results - our results speak for themselves. Lose weight, feel great.

 Totally different from other bootcamps - feeling great and getting fit doesn't have to be boring

☻ Range of packages suited to you - need a quick blast or ease into feeling fitter. We've a plan to suit you.

☻ Support when you need it - small, group sessions means you're looked after and when you need help at home - with food or motivation - just ASK!

Get started right now - just enter your details and we’ll send you a free 7 day fitness pass so you can discover exactly how you can lose weight and feel fit while having fun. 


Losing weight and getting fit DOESN'T have to be miserable.  That’s why we’re the only bootcamp to offer this guarantee: 

If you don’t lose weight, get fit and have the most fun you’ve ever had working out, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.


Just look at the results:

matt price "I lost a stone and nearly 3 inches off my waist in just two months! The Playground is a great & fun way to get fit and is very effective!' - Matt
cecily "The Playground has been great fun, every session is different.  I've lost 10lbs, 10 cms off my hips and nearly 7cm from my waist in just two months" - Cecily 
louise "I never thought I would enjoy losing weight and getting fit so much! I spend most of my time at The Playground laughing and I saw results in just four weeks!" – Louise



Get started right now - this offer is only open until February 20th 2015.

Click on the button on the right to download your free 7 day ski fit pass to join as many of our fun and friendly group sessions over a week and discover how easy it is to get fit while having fun... ready to hit the powder!



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