Sign up to our 14 Day Fat Furnace Programme
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No calorie counting or long dull boring workouts - guaranteed!

What do you get?


Guide to Food & Nutrition Booklet

When you know why what happens when you eat things it makes it all easier! We make sense of it here.


14 Day Food & Drink Challenge Booklet 

A simple challenge - how many days will you make?


7 Day Recipe Planner

No excuses, no risk of getting bored. 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners.  All easy to make and healthy! 


Food Diary

Keeping track of what you are eating and how it affects your mood will surprise you!

Matt press up

Exercise workout to do at home.

Tailored to your fitness level a workout to blast that fat in the comfort of your own home.


Daily motivation & tips

Rich will keep you accountable and motivated every day through the 14 days.


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What happened last time we ran this?

100% of the people who took part lost weight! 

100% of the people said that after the initial few days they did NOT have cravings for snacks!

100% of the people who took part felt they got fitter!

100% said they felt the exercise sessions were fun and varied!

100% said they had been challenged but none had felt embarrassed in front of others because it had been too difficult!

100% would recommend The Fat Furnace to their friends and family!


The next course starts on Monday 9th January.

You must register by Thursday 5th January to reserve your place!

There will be limited places available and it will be on a first come first served basis!

Not sure if it's for you?  

Find out what some people who have already done the programme have to say about it....

Hayley P - Southampton

 hayley p southampton fat furnace weight loss

I lost 4lbs in the 14 days and feel great! It was really good and the level of support and information provided was excellent. "                   


Debbie F - Chichester 



  I lost 5lbs and felt less thick round the middle. I felt more energetic and slept better and my skin improved.

The support and advice was great. I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone who feels tired or sluggish"


Gemma R - Chichester


  I feel a lot more energised - I've lost 3 1/2 pounds in the two weeks which I'm delighted about and feel a lot better generally.

The support and advice was really motivating.

I'd definitely recommend it"              

Mike C - Chichester


  I lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks - that's pretty amazing but more than that the energy I got is great - I haven't felt tired.

I'd definitely recommend it, I really enjoyed it and am surprised that I don't feel hungry!'              

Nancy F - Chichester


I had more energy and get up and go, I didn't feel as hungry - I felt stronger.

The support was brilliant. I'd recommend The Fat Furnace as I really enjoyed it"  


Carolyn H,
   Before I did The Fat Furnace I felt lethargic and a bit overweight.  My get up and go and gone!

When I did The Fat Furnace I made some small changes to what I was eating, and now feel great! and I am enjoying trying different foods!  

I lost 5lbs, my energy levels are so much higher – I can’t believe how much difference 2 weeks can make

The support and advice I had from Rich was great – he was in touch every day, that helped me keep focused and the advice he gave was really easy to follow, and when I couldn't think what to eat  he is very good at suggestions.

If I had put off doing it I would have carried on as I was and felt fat, and wishing I had tried harder and not eaten so many biscuits.

I’d definitely recommend it!   It is so much easier to stick to eating healthily with someone reminding you all the time, and exercising in a group is much more fun!

It was the kick-start that I needed, now I have started I will be carrying on with eating healthier foods and the exercise sessions.        


Melissa G,

    I decided to do the Fat Furnace because I wanted to lose a bit more weight and set a better example for my children. 

The programme was not only effective (I lost 3lbs in two weeks, 3% of my body fat) but packed with useful information and lots of support from Rich.

As a result I am fitter, gone down a trouser size and have made positive changes to my families eating habits.  I would certainly recommend this to others.”        


Helen Y,
I knew I needed a kick up the bum to lose some weight and The Fat Furnace did just that. I lost 13lbs in just two weeks and can’t believe it!  “I feel trimmer, fitter and have really adjusted to eating healthily, have no cravings and found it is easy to maintain.
Thank you so much. I feel amazing. I’d definitely recommend it to others."



So do you want to lose some weight, feel energised,
sleep better and feel great with some superb advice
and motivational support to keep you on track
while not having cravings or feeling hungry?
If so then....

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