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So here we go again!

Are you going to do it again?

Make some sort of health, fitness or weight loss resolution?

Are you going to stick to it or let it all slip again?

In reality health, fitness or weight New Year's resolutions are pretty much a waste of space and time to be honest! Yes you can go on another diet and lose a bit of weight but then when you stop the diet you'll put it all back on.

Yes you can get out the door and join a gym or go for a run but if you don't enjoy it you'll never keep it going!

Bah humbug I sound jolly today don't I? :-) No I've not gone all hungover, miserable & grumpy I want to encourage people to make life style changes not short term changes that they won't stick to!

Want to lose weight? Then change your lifestyle. Don't go on a diet - think longer term - if what you've been doing hasn't worked then when you stop your diet and go back to that it's going to be the same as before!

Want to get fit? If you've joined gyms or tried running, hated it and given it up then don't do the same again. Coz guess what? You'll probably go a few times, hate it and give up!

So why not find something you enjoy - it may be a gym this time, what about cycling, an outdoor bootcamp, an indoor class, swimming, zumba, walking? Try different things, find something you enjoy and make it part of your daily lifestyle!

Already fit and active and want to get fitter but you've hit a plateau? Change what you are doing, step up the exercise, work harder, do something different to challenge your body.

Our bodies are like our minds and need variety! Keeping doing what you're doing and the results will drop off so look to add something a bit different to what you do. You can keep doing what you are doing if you enjoy it but maybe tweak it or add something else!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - I hope 2017 is your healthiest and happiest yet! If you aren't sure where to start with any of the above then do hit reply and ask - I love helping people make changes!

If you ARE looking to make longer term changes then we can help get you started - click here to find out more.




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