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I had a chocolate a couple of days ago!  

Er ...well ok I did actually have more than one but don't worry this isn't some confessional again - I think and hope you know me well enough now to know I don't live on Kale and broccoli alone and love chocolates and biscuits as much as you!   

If you didn't and you are newer to my blogs then read some old ones over on the left there!

Inside the chocolate was some wise words..'Don't believe everything you tell yourself'.

booja booja don't believe

We all say things like - I can't lose weight, I'll never be able to do 5km, I can't run a 10km as fast I'd like, I can't get any fitter, I can't do a full press up, I'll never get back into those jeans....... and so it goes on.

Well I've got news for you - you can!  So have a think over the weekend and let me know what you are saying to yourself that you really shouldn't be believing?  Or keep it to yourself and take steps to ignore that little voice and listen to Mr Booja Booja! 

I'm now thinking this mean I can have more chocolate this weekend and see if Mr Booja Booja has more wise words!  ;-) 




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