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Empty Calories - what are they?

Have you heard that expression 'empty calories'? Have you any idea what they are?  

Want to know?  Carry on reading then! 

It is really just calories that have no nutritional benefit to them - like junk food that we eat (yep I'm guilty of that as well) they leave us craving more food and not feeling full up but have no real protein, fats, carbs, vitamins or minerals that we need.

So you start eating - you body goes 'hello food' or something like that thanks for giving me what I need.

Oh hang on you aren't!  Better tell you to keep feeding me so I get what I need

And then guess what?  Those crisps, cakes, biscuits are all gone and you're still 'hungry'! 

What happens when you eat 'proper' food with all that your body needs - you body says hello food - oh thanks that's good, I've got what I need that'll do!  

So that's why you hear people say when they change their eating habits and eat proper food and cook for themselves and stop eating chemical laden processed crap in packets they say they are full on less! 

Want to try it and see for yourself then try our 14 Day Fat Furnace or Rock Your Dress programmes - they'll help you develop great habits, feel full of energy and eat less!  




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