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Why Fitbits & Apple Watches etc are a waste of money!

I was talking to a friend last night about Fitbits, Apple Watches and similar technology and realised they are actually a complete waste of time and money! 

Well they are if you don't do anything with the info they give you!

If you do then they are great but if you're meant to be doing 10,000 steps every day and are doing an average of 6500 every day and don't find ways to up it it's a waste of time!

If it tells you are actually doing 15,000 every day but you use that as an excuse to live on doughnuts and pies every day it's a waste of time!  "Who ate all the pies.... who ate all the pies...." ;-)

So yes measuring and tracking information is vital and essential to know how you are doing but only if you then respond to that info!  

But if you don't then use that info you've wasted a load of money and time! 




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