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You can still make 2016 a WOW year!

So how has it gone for you? What?

2016 I'm talking about! Remember back in the depths of winter when the excesses of Christmas were weighing heavy and you went into January full of....

- "I'm going to do...."

- "2016 is going to be my year"

- "This year will...."

So how has it gone? Have you made some changes are you happy and feeling a little bit smug?  Or maybe not as you planned and you're feeling a bit flat and demotivated?

Well the good news is that there is still time to make huge changes and still go into 2017 and look back and say "Wow - 2016 - what a year I nailed it" or similar!

There are still 16 weeks before you wake up on News Years Day 2017 - feeling hung over and bleeeauuurrrggghhh or maybe hung over and feeling great coz you've been celebrating a great end to the year!

What ever it is you want to do then why not start now?

- Weightloss - at a healthy achievable 1lb a week - you could lose over a stone!

- Running - want to set a personal best for a 10km or do you want to run a 5km for the first time? Yep you can do both!

- Fitness - always wanted to do a full press up? Definitely acheievable!

- Cycling - want to cycle a 100 miles in one go? Yep if I can go from no cycling to a 1000 mile bike ride with 3 months training as I did a couple of years ago then you can do that!


Maybe your goal is more personal - relationship issues, mind things, family things - you can still do something if you start now and have them resolved by the end of the year!


Whatever you want to do why not start now? Start today and actually make 2016 a great year!





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