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rio olympic ringsI should be left flat and wondering how the hell I am going to fill my life now that The Olympics have come to an end having been glued to them for the last two weeks – inspired, amazed and moved to tears repeatedly.

But I’m not flat - I’m excited about the one thing that stands out and how you and I can apply them to our every day life.

All the athletes – whether they are a gold medal superstar or an unknown there for the first time have made huge commitments and sacrifices to get there but every decision they made in the last 4 and more years was with the aim of getting to the Olympics.








How does that affect us?  Think about one thing you want to achieve……

  • Run a 10km in under 60 minutes?
  • Run your first 5km?
  • Do a full press up – do 100 press ups?
  • Lose 7lbs - lose 10kg?
  • Improve your marathon time?
  • Beat your brother, sister, wife, husband, bestie at the next whatever it is you do together….
  • Cycle 25 miles or 100 miles?
  • Get fit for your next ski holiday?

The list is endless but remember that whatever you want to do then every single thing you do is going to affect how you get on….

  • eating a healthy breakfast or just having the usual toast
  • saying no to the cake in the office
  • hitting snooze or getting up and doing that workout
  • putting on your running shoes or getting on you bike even in the rain
  • not having those two glasses of wine every night
  • stretching at the end of a session or not bothering
  • choosing a better lunch or eating rubbish again

Now I am not saying you need to train like an Olympian but next time temptation to eat badly or miss a training session comes round just ask yourself ‘is this going to help me….”

It’s the small things that make the difference - the time to start is now, that’s now every time you have to make a decision.

How are you going make sure you do it?  Do let me know.




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