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You can't out exercise a bad diet! Have you heard that before?

I was fortunate to go to the festival of mud (aka Glastonbury) at the weekend - have you been?  It is vast!  I walked miles and miles and miles in fact according to my Fitbit I walked around around 50 miles in the 4 days I was there!  


and it was all through this..... actually I think this was on a dry day!! Angle deep, thick, sticky, sludgy, glorious mud!  It was had work and my legs felt shattered AND I STILL PUT ON WEIGHT!!!  


Why? Coz I was eating the usual festival type rubbish food and drinking a load as well - in fact I didn't eat loads (mainly coz I was a bit scared by the toilets so didn't want to have to go too often!) but when I did I ate the wrong stuff! 

So I didn't eat much, I walked miles and yet put weight on!  

So the lesson here is even if you are keeping active (and especiialy if you're not) if you are trying to lose some weight you really need to sort out what you are eating!  Not sure how then drop me a line and I'll help you out by pointing you in the right direction! 




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