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Did you know it's National Picnic Week?  

National Picnic Week

Yep click here to find out all about it! 

So the sun is just about out and will be more soon - yes it will trust me!  ;-)

Anyway picnics can be a bit samey - if you're like me you'll end up grabbing a sandwich and a packet of crisps and er..... have what we usually eat at our desk sitting in a park or on the beach! Picnic! Hmmmm.....

There's no reason why we can't do things a bit better (and dare I say healthier)?  So I sat Sue, the nutrionist who I work with on our Rock Your Dress programme, down and told her not to move until we had some great picnic ideas! 

She didn't let me down and came up with two ideas - here's the first one.

Simple ideas for a spontaneous picnic - grab and go!  Click here to download a load of great ideas that are simple and yum!




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