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weightwathers v slimming world headline

Did you see this story in the news last week?  It is simply brilliant - Slimmers World v Weight Watchers in a mass brawl!

Basically a double booking meant the two groups turned up at the same time and they started taunting each other and it all kicked off!  Incredible!

My favourite line from the story "someone threw the weighing scales straight into a group of people. Everything went nuts after that, and one Slimmimg World member just called them all ‘point-counting pricks’ and stormed out."

Click here to read the full story.

Sounds as if they were all a bit stressed with counting points, eating processed food and probably not getting the right nutrients to live heathily not to mention not doing enough exercise to relieve that stress! 

Lessons to be learnt.....

Eat proper food (that's stuff that doesn't come in packets with a long list of ingredients where you need to be a scientist to understand wht it is!), do some regular exercise and you'll be more chilled and happy and probably* not have some scales thrown at you.

 *I can't guarantee that no one will ever throw scales at you! ;-) 




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