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Unless you've been hiding under a stone for the last week (and if you have was it fun?) you can't have missed the fuss about Dolmio sauces and similar and how you shouldn't eat them every day.

Dolmio sauce

I was shocked! A food manufacturer admitting that what they produced wasn't good for you and you shouldn't eat it very often!  They usually do all they can to hide this sort of info don't they?

But really?  Come on - it's in a packet with a list of ingredients as long as Mr Tickle's arms!  

mr tickle

What do you expect?  If you buy anything with a long list of ingredients and half of them are unprounceable or you need to be a scientist to understand what they are then you really shouldn't be eating it that often let alone every day!  

The key thing here is to learn how to read labels!  Or better still only eat things without labels.

Do you want a challenge? How about eating nothing this week that has a list of ingredients on it?  

Up for the challenge or a bit too scared you won't be able to do it? What have you got to lose? 




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