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13th Feb 2014

Well here we go - we have a new website dedicated to The Fitness & Weightloss Playground! 

We've had a new logo designed which we really like - which is good 'coz if we didn't like it it wouldn't be so good! 

Fitness & Weightloss Playground Logo

We have some new packages available and will soon be starting up some day time sessions as well - these will probably be happening in April or May we are just finalising a new location for these.  

You can register your interest for this by emaiing and let us know.  We'll scribble your name down somewhere and when we when we have a definite time and place, hope we can still read it and let you know!  It's likely to be on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9.30am so if you have kids at school you can drop them off and come straight to us for a great work out!  It's not just kids who should have all the fun! 

We are also looking at a new location as well - this is likely to be in Bognor Regis but we are open to suggestions so if you'd like to see one near you then do let us know! 

Let us know what you think of our new logo, packages and plans and we hope to see you soon! :-) 




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