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As you may have realised from my lack of rants and tips I have been away on holiday!  Yes thanks had a great time - thanks for asking ;-) 

So it's been a rainy Monday, you're back to work after the weekend.  Have your ideas of eating well this week gone out the window again already?

Don't beat yourself up and write off today and the rest of the week because you let it slip!  Just get back on it again and be aware of why you slipped up.

If it makes you feel better I ate this when I was away - yep it actually exists!  It's a chip pizza! :-) 

chip pizza

Yes, me, the personal trainer who rants about eating crap ate a chip pizza!  There feel better?  I've never pretended to be perfect, I enjoy chocolate, curries, cake, beer, and er.....chip pizzas!  :-) 

Yes I ate differently from what I usually do when I am away - am I beating myself up about it?  No!  I enjoyed it and now I'm back eating well and looking at getting 80% of it right! 

Just make better choices each day!

Er..... Chip Pizza may not be a better choice but it was good! ;-) 




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