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Don't be like Jane – she has struggled with her weight and fitness for a long time and after reading my emails for over a year now has finally picked up the phone and called and is now signed up to The Fitness Playground and is making a difference to her life!

She’s got a great goal of losing some weight and getting fitter and is working towards it – with a goal in the future set! :-) 

You can do the same – keep reading and procrastinating or take action and do something!

There may be real concerns why you are procrastinating….

  • Are you worried you won’t be fit enough? 
  • Are you worried others will be watching you?
  • Are you concerned you’ll be embarrassed?

Don’t be – all the sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness. That’s because we work on time and not numbers or distance! 

So you’ll never be running from a to b or having to do 20 of something worrying you’re going to be the last one to finish – I remember what that was like when I was the last to be picked in the school playground!  Ah bless! :-( 

Why not make a difference and book a free pass for a week to come and try The Fitness & Weightloss Playground  Just email or call me on 01243 781019!

Go on don’t be shy, we’re a friendly bunch and surely a fitness group that goes out for burgers can’t be all that bad!  ;-)

Hope to see you soon.


Yep some of us actually went out for burger and chips a week or so ago! Yum! 

playground burger meal


Rich Evans

The Fitness & Weightloss Playground




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