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What did you do with your extra day yesterday?  Hope it was full of fun!

So it’s 1st March wow time flies!  New Years Resolutions long gone and probably forgotten by now! 

In just 3 months or 13 weeks, that’s 92 days it will be 1st June – that’s the summer! 

Barbecues, holidays, long balmy evenings, hot sunshine er….well it’ll be the summer anyway! ;-)

Does that seem a long way away? 

Think back 3 months, 13 weeks or 92 days – it was 1st December – my birthday had just happened, if you were organised you had done your Christmas shopping and if you aren’t you hadn’t even thought about it, Christmas and New Year hadn’t happened yet and now we have gone through January and an extra long February this year and spring is here! Not that long really is it?

Where do you want to be on the 1st June?  Where you are now or stronger, fitter, slimmer, healthier and feeling sexier?

Well I’ve got news for you if you do want any of the above then you need to do something now! 

If you do then you can do make massive changes to your body – if you don’t then stop reading now! 

If you want to lose weight at a healthy rate of 1½ pounds a week that’s nearly a stone and half or for younger viewers nearly 9kg!!

If you want to get fitter and stronger you could train to do a 10km, you could learn to do pull ups or press ups.

Do any of the above and I guarantee that on the 1st June you’ll be feeling a whole lot better about yourself than you do right now and you’ll feel a load more beach body ready whatever you think about that phrase!

But to do so you’re going to have to make a change!

What are you going to do? Make a change or make some more excuses and forget about it for a bit longer?

If you want to make a change then let me know and I’ll give you some suggestions as to how to start!




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