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Did you read about the personal trainer who put on nearly 5 stone (that's over 31 kg for younger viewers! – showing my age again!) to help a client lose some weight!  Read about it here

I did the same for you - well I’d love to say I did it for you last year!  In reality I didn’t!   I actually just ate more cake than I should have done and moved less than I should have done and I piled on the pounds!  Fatty me!  Oops! 

At the end of September I weighed in at a stone over what I’d ideally like to weigh!  :-(  

This was the heaviest I’d ever been – 10 weeks later I’d lost nearly a stone and another 8 weeks later I have managed to keep it off in spite of Christmas, New Year and two weeks skiing!

I’m not telling you this to brag and say ooh how good am I – coz it’s not good I shouldn’t have put the weight on in the first place - I’m telling you that I know what you are going through! 

I’m not an eat only broccoli, kale and chicken and jump out of bed to do 50 press ups and rush to the gym coz I love it type of person!

In reality I love cake, curries, beer, wine and er… don’t start me on crisps yep once I pop…. you know the rest!  And I find gyms really, really dull…..

How did I do it?  I’ll tell you tomorrow – there’s no diet involved and I didn’t go to the gym once!




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