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We need to change things to make changes! Think about it!

Do you want to feel good about yourself when the sun returns and the summer is here? It’s not long now!  It will be here in about 3 months – that’s 12 weeks! :-) 

I don’t care what anyone says about being ‘beach body ready’ if you don’t feel confident now unless you make a change you will feel even less so when the sun puts its hat on!

So if you want to feel better in the summer make a change now!  You may not feel like it on a rainy Monday in February in fact it’s the last thing you’ll be thinking of but when the sun peaks out and you are hiding under a towel in sunny June you’ll have wished you made a change back then on a rainy Monday in February!

Not sure where to start then drop me an email and I’ll give you some pointers!

You can do a lot in 12 weeks – in fact you can do loads! Why not start now?



PS btw those pointers won’t involve any diets or long runs – snore...... I hate them!




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