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So it’s February already!  And Christmas already seems like it was last year!  Boom boom – ok I’ll get my coat!  Or at least stick to my day time job helping you live a healthy live and keep fit rather than embark on a stand up career!

So how are you feeling after a month of 2016?  Keeping as fit and active as you wanted or intended to?

Great news if you are coming to a Fitness Playground session regularly or doing regular exercise – keep it up!

If you aren’t and want to why aren’t you?  What’s your reason excuse?  Why haven’t you stepped up to it and done something?

Too busy, not enough time?  At the end of the day you have the time but there’s something stopping you – you're making excuses aren’t you?  Whether you’re prepared to admit it right now it’s all excuses!

If you were to be paid £50,000 to do three 30 minute exercises this week you’d do it, if something terrible was going to happen to your child or a loved one you’d do it.  You’d find the time wouldn’t you?

Ah yes but Rich it’s….. yea yea yea…. whatever…..

Just have a think about the above and I’ll have a couple more thoughts about this on Wednesday

You don’t need to run a marathon or do a long dull gym workout – I can send you a 20 minute home workout if you ask! 




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