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Do you remember about a month ago I was trying to kick start a better exercise routine and I failed a couple of times?  Missed it or forgotten then click here.

Yep I was rubbish, I started, I failed and just didn't get back into it.  Here we go confessions of a personal trainer.... there's a book in here somewhere! ;-) 

This may surprise you but it really shouldn't - I get sugar cravings, don't always eat properly and don't love exercise in the way you probably think I do or maybe should! 

So how did I get on?  BOOM!  Very smugly I can confirm I started and am still on track 37 days on!  I didn't set out to run a marathon or go to the gym 5 days a week and I definitely haven't done that! 

All I did was follow a simple programme that I could do in ten minutes at home.

I did it first thing in the morning.  Why then? Coz I am a bit weird in that I wake up early and don't have trouble getting out of bed but mainly coz if I didn't do it then I wouldn't do it. 

Why not?  I'd find any excuse not to! I'm tired, I'm too busy, I had a busy weekend, they've started charging for plastic bags...... er...well one excuse is as good as another isn't it? It's just an excuse! 

So my next goal is going to be keeping it going for 50 days!  Got a couple of weekends away in that time as well so could be tricky.... watch this space as to whether I make it or fail again! 




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