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It's not long now - yep the John Lewis ad is out and the big coffee chain shops have started introducing their seasonal red cups! More on that one in a couple of days! 

Whether you love Christmas (and I do btw) or hate it there are so many excuses that we all start to use at this time of year and I include myself in that!

Well it's only once a year so a few mince pies and..... well Anna brought a cake in and it's rude not to and then those delicious red cups....  

​So with 6 weeks to go and you may not want to admit it you have a choice - it's your choice and yours alone. 

a) Do what you did last year come on Rich it's once a year, don't be a party pooper, I'll start in the new year and lose the weight then - how did that go this year btw?  

6 weeks with just an extra 500 calories a day you'll be half a stone heavier when January arrives! Then start the new programme in the New Year and if and that's a huge IF you stick to it you'll be back to where you are by middle of February.  Middle of February?  Yep by the middle of February back to where you are now! 

b) Do something different - take action now and move a bit more, eat a bit less, make less excuses and find some reasons and start it now.  There is no reason you can't lose it now and come the middle of February you could be in the best shape of your life even allowing for Christmas!  

It's your choice whichever way you look at it whether you want to admit to it or not - you can make excuses or find reasons. 

Want some tips or if you struggle with something specific at this time of year then send me a reply - I'm more than happy to help! 




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