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It's Friday! It's the weekend - hurrah!  Well for most of us!

Do you know where to shop in a supermarket?  Yep seriously have you ever thought about it? 

I was reminded about this by a Fitness & Weightloss Playground member (Hi Jacqui! :-) ) after I sent a video out about how dastardly those pesky food manufacturers trick us - if you missed that you can watch it by clicking here

So you know you should avoid processed foods - if you don't where have you been for the last few years?

But they tempt you in with all sorts of claims don't they?  Clever packaging, tempting pictures, health claims  when they are really just full of sugar and other crap! Grrrrrrr - makes me sooooo angry!! 

So how to avoid them? When you go for your supermarket trolley trot this weekend just stick to the outside of the supermarket.  

Yep don't go down any of the aisles - well ok if you need some loo roll or washing up liquid you can go down that one but that's it!  Just walk round the outside that's all - that's where all the healthy stuff is with no long list of things that you need to be a scientist to understand is!  

Go on give it a go and let me know how you get on and what you end up putting in your trolley for next week.




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