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I headed up north at the weekend to visit my family, get beaten up by my nephews and catch up with my sisters and one of them poisoned me! 

Yep true story! 

I had been really good over the last couple of weeks or so in eating really well and when I was up there she force fed me!    

Er....well ok I may have willingly eaten the home made sweets and an apple & blackberry crumble amongst other things! It was delicious btw! But for the next couple of days I have had all sorts of cravings and wanted more! 

It's been a tough couple of days but now on day three I am fine and have no cravings again!  Sugar is so addictive!  It's quite scary!  If you find yourself reaching for the biscuits or chocolates mid morning then chances are you are having cravings from a poor choice in breakfast! 

Try coming off the sugar - and yes that's all sugar in ingredients.  Check out the per 100g on the packet and look for the "carbohydrates of which sugars" - if it's more than 5% it's too high!  You may be surprised at what you are eating!

Go cold turkey, get off that sugar rush somehow and I guarantee that within a very short space of time your cravings will go!  Not sure what to have for breakfast then email me and I'll send you a few ideas.




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