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When you start a new healthy eating or exercise habit do you tell anyone?

Or are you a bit shhhhh don't tell anyone coz if I do and I fail then I'll look a bit stupid? 

Here's some advice for you - tell someone!  And you know what you're more likely to keep it up! 

Give it a go - tell your other half, a friend, post it on Facebook and commit!  It doesn't have to be big - tell someone you are going to do 10 press ups and 10 squats every day this week, tell someone you're going to eat no chocolate or cake for the next three days.  See nothing big!  Ask them to support you and I bet you do a load better than if you are on your own! 

If you want to, tell me and sshhhh no I won't tell anyone else! :-) I may just email you and keep you accountable though! Or are you a bit scared? Go on..... send me an email now!   :-) 




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