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So how did yesterday go?  Did you start again? Another Monday - a sunny one - that was good! :-) 

Did you get organised over the weekend with your food or put in your diary some workout sessions? 

I promised I'd let you know how I got on so....... - if you missed that then you can read about it in my previous blog. 

I can smugly say that I got my food all sorted and didn't succumb to the usual weekend snacks and bingeing that I can be guilty of!  I did go out but reisisted the bad, ate healthily and had a couple of glasses of red! And guess what - felt great for it! So a big smug tick on that front! :-) 

Not so good was my exercise! :-( 

I was intending to start a new exercise routine but that didn't happen - I won't bore you with the list of reasons excuses that I could come up with as you'll probably have made them all yourself!  So my challenge to is to start today with my new exercise routine. it's not going to be huge, I'm not going to run a marathon or even a 10km, I get bored in gyms so won't be doing that for hours on end. I'll keep it simple and do a little bit day by day.  

Why don't you do the same - just a bit here and there.  Even if it is 10 squats, 10 sit ups and 10 press ups every day this week. Are you prepared to make a commitment? 

If you started yesterday but have let it slip then get back on it today you don't need to wait 'til Monday to start again you know!  There is no law that all new diets (hate that word btw) start on Mondays! 

Let me know what it is and I'll let you know what I am doing and we can help keep each other on track! 





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