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Another Friday! Hurrah!  Well if you aren't working tomorrow of course! 

How did last Monday go by the way?  You know - when you were going to start eating better or start a new exercise routine?  

Did all of your good intentions drop by the wayside on Wednesday or did you not even make it that far?

Why is it that diets always start on a Monday btw?  

So if you are looking to get a bit healthier, lose a bit of weight and move a bit more you don't need to wait 'til Monday to do that - you can start tomorrow! 

Ok so it's going to be Monday is it? Here's a tip!  Get prepared! Think about it and plan what it is you are going to do!

If it's food then make a list of healthy stuff and go and buy it over the weekend, use up or give away anything that is tempting you in your own house.  Do a bit of cooking and make some healthy meals and stick them in the freezer, buy some healthy snacks so come Monday when you start you are prepared!

If it's exercise then put it in your diary over the weekend - Tuesday night 20 minute walk / Wednesday before work go for a 20 minute swim / 10 squats and press ups every day - whatever it is put it in your diary over the weekend and make it non negotiable.  

Let me know how you get on and have a great weekend! 

I changed my routines this week - will I make it through the weekend?  I'll let you know next week!




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