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4th Jan 2014


After all the excess in December, January is the perfect time for National Detox Month!

“We are all guilty of over-indulging during the party season, especially if you are good for most of the year. It’s a chance to let your hair down.”

“The only problem is – eating rich foods and drinking more alcohol than you are used to can take it’s toll on your energy levels as well as your waistline.

I recommend these Top Five foods and drinks we should add into our diet this month.

1. Water should always be at the top of the list to aid digestion
2. Omega-3 foods like avocado and olive oil
3. Green Tea which helps boost your liver function
4. Lemon – add some to a glass of water to get your day started
5. Beetroot these are full of vitamins B3, B6, C and beta-carotene

One final piece of advice is to not undo all your hard work once February comes around.

“Use this time to up your water intake and rehydrate your body – try and continue this into February. It takes 30 days to form a new habit and this is a great one to add to your toolbox to fight weight gain.

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