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Just wanted to bring you some good news! 

(Good news is always welcome in today’s world of doom and gloom, right?!

If you’ve been reading my emails you’ll recall that a couple of weeks back I made you an offer of limited places on my new 14 Day Fat Furnace programme.

(If you haven’t been reading my emails because you don’t want help losing weight or getting fitter you can always unsubscribe down there at the bottom!  ☺ )

Anyway, what happened?

Well, it was a HUGE success.

EVERYONE who took part lost weight!

One lady, who we’ll call Helen (coz that’s her name) lost a whopping great 13lbs! That’s as good as one stone! 

Wow!  Great work Helen! ☺

Others lost anything from 4lbs through to 9lbs, all through following my really simple Fat Furnace programme for just two weeks.

And the feedback was incredible, too:

100% of the people who took part lost weight (And every one said that after the initial few days they did NOT have cravings for snacks)
100% of the people who took part felt they got fitter
100% said they felt the sessions were fun and varied
100% said they had been challenged but none had felt embarrassed in front of others because it had been too difficult.
100% would recommend The Fat Furnace to their friends and family.

Here’s what Hayley P said about the programme: “It was really good and the level of support and information provided was excellent.”

And finally a few words from the amazing Helen Y, the lady who lost nearly a stone in 14 days:

“I knew I needed a kick up the bum to lose some weight and The Fat Furnace did just that. I lost 13lbs in just two weeks and can’t believe it!  

“I feel trimmer, fitter and have really adjusted to eating healthily, have no cravings and found it is easy to maintain. Thank you so much. I feel amazing. I’d definitely recommend it to others.”

I’ll be running the program again soon so if you are interested in feeling “trimmer, fitter and amazing” then let me know and I’ll give you first option on a place in the next round.




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