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I got the bike out of the shed the other day – brushed off the cobwebs, put on my lycra (sorry for that image if you are eating at the moment) and at the weekend headed out for a ride. 

I was knackered – even small hills hurt yet just a few months ago….

Now, if you have been reading my emails for a while you’ll know that this time last year I hadn’t sat on a bike since I was a kid (I had a chopper – remember them? Or am I showing my age?)  and yet thanks to some crazy idea we had about a year ago, I set out to try and cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats - nearly 1000 miles.

*spoiler alert*

 – yep I made it – wanna see the photos then head over here it was an amazing experience and we loved it!

And yet a few short months on I am knackered from just a fraction of the distance. 

So what’s this got to do with your fitness? 

Well apart from the obvious use it or lose it…. more on that another time!

I am often asked by people thinking about joining The Playground to get fitter or lose a bit of weight – am I fit enough? And then often… I’ll start when I am fitter…. REALLY?  What makes you think that is going to happen between now and when you start?

You need to start somewhere!  Just small steps, a short training ride for me on my bike and a training plan meant I cycled 1000 miles in 12 days just a few months later!

You may not be able to run for more than 30 seconds without feeling like you are going to collapse or maybe you want to be able to do 10 press ups without being left flat out but I bet you wish you could! ;-)

So why not start now – get on your bike or get out and do something!  It’s the perfect time to start – weather is warming up, the days are longer and soon you’ll be on the beach wishing you had.

So go on, come along to The Playground (or do something!!)  - if you want to try the Playground out then claim your FREE 7 DAY PASS HERE you won’t regret it!




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