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Yep Easter is nearly here!  Chocolate everywhere! YUM!  And it's good for you! 

Woah!  Hold your horses -  just a minute before you leg it down to the newsagents or get an extra trolley for your weekend shop!!  Some chocolate is good for you but unfortunately it's not all created equally! 

So why is it good? 

"Most of the health benefits of chocolate are believed to be because of its key ingredient - cocoa. More and more studies are linking regular cocoa consumption with a slimmer waistline, improved heart health, increased insulin sensitivity and improved brain function. Rich in flavanols - a potent group of antioxidants, and minerals including: magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese. A dose of cocoa a day may just help keep the doctor away!"

This doesn't mean stuffing your face full of Mars Bars, Dairy Milk and other things like that you need to be looking at less processed chocolate to get the benefits.

The key points things to look for are:

dark chocolate, the darker the better.
minimal ingredients, avoid the ones with a long list of ingredients that looks like a chemistry lab and you haven't got a clue what ithey are!  
lower sugar - the darker chocolate will have less sugar in it! 

To read more about what to look for click here1 click

Don't be put off if you think you don't like dark chocolate - you'll soon aquire a taste for it and I bet you didn't like beer or wine when you first had it but you have probably acquired the taste for that! ;-) 

And remember you can overdo it even on the good stuff but you'll be less likely to eat more of the dark stuff! 

Have a great Easter and long weekend! 

PS If you want to make your own healthy chocolate click here for a great recipe3 clicks!  Don't say I never give you anything! ;-)





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