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I often get asked what’s the best diet to lose weight! My answer – diets don’t work – don’t bother!  Really?  Yep they don’t work!  But you want to lose some weight right? So what do you do?

You just need to create new habits and change your lifestyle.  Whatever diet you do if you go back to what you were doing before you’ll end up back where you were!! Still with me?

Remember the crazy man who tried 10 diets in 50 days?

“ - the 5:2 diet, the Special K diet, NHS guidance for a healthy diet, a juice fast, Atkins diet, a raw food diet, the baby food diet, calorie counting, the grapefruit diet; and the cabbage soup diet.”

**The baby food diet?  What the….?**

But if you are serious about losing some weight then don’t bother with any of them!!

Yes he lost some weight but I wonder what he weighs now a couple of months on?

Want to read more about what he did click here2 clicks.

All you need to do is change some habits and start eating healthily!  Not sure what is healthy and what to avoid – you can find out a load on my blog – got some videos coming soon as well! Watch this space!

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Happy eating!




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