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Were you planning on starting today? You know starting that diet, the new exercise routine….. we all start on a Monday! Well we all intend to start on a Monday!

You know you should be more active – you know you get off your backside and move around more!  But it’s hard isn’t it? It’s easier to find an excuse not to do something we don’t really want to.

Yep I’m the same….it’s Monday morning….. I jumped out of bed and…er… actually I didn’t…. I had a great weekend – both of my sisters visited for the weekend with their kids - when we weren't at the park, playing rounders on the beach, or football all their kids seemed to want to do is spend the whole weekend beating up Uncle Rich!  It’s hard work! I’m exhausted!

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Anyway I didn’t jump out of bed this morning desperate to go for a long run or wanting to do 125 burpees before breakfast! 

I crawled out, what with the clocks changing and all and I can find a thousand and twenty five and plenty more excuses not to do my exercise today and nursing bruises from 6 year olds was just one!

You need to find your reason why you should get a little more healthier this week.  When you know why it’s a bit easier!

It could be because you are off on a late ski trip and want to be fit, maybe you want to look good on the beach for your summer holiday, maybe you have a big event coming up, wedding, significant birthday, maybe you have just made a bet with someone....

What would you do if you knew something terrible would happen to your children or your partner or a close friend if you didn’t go for a 30 minute walk 5 times a week this month? 

What if you were paid £50,000 if you didn’t eat junk food for the next 90 days? 

Yea of course you would do it - it's a no brainer! 

See when you have a reason that is big enough you can make a change!

What’s your why? I know what mine is - let me know yours and I'll let you know mine! ;-)  You may be surprised but you'll need to keep it a secret! 

Share it with someone – me if you want to and I’ll help you keep motivated!

Yours feeling a little battered - but smug as I beat my excuses, I know my why! ;-) 


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