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I feel really grubby this morning, no not because my boiler has broken but because I have just read something and found myself agreeing with MP’s!  Yikes! Yep really!

What have I read?  This article here.

‘MPs say it is "inexplicable" that the NHS in England spends more on bariatric surgery than well-established measures to prevent obesity’ -  that in itself is incredible, ridiculous and well yes…. inexplicable!

Then I found myself agreeing with them again  - “MP’s call for urgent steps so people understand the wider health benefits of physical activity.” 

Prof John Wass of the Royal College of Physicians says “regular physical activity of just 30 minutes, five times a week, can make a huge difference to a patient's health."

You don’t need to go for an hour long run, join a dull, boring gym and wander round wondering what you should be doing – just go for a walk or find something you enjoy! 

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Right I'm off for a lie down as I'm feeling very confused about agreeing with MP’s

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