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You’re either feeling really proud of yourself for resisting all the temptations and excess of Christmas… or you’re feeling bloated, stuffed and incredibly unhealthy after eating enough food to feed a small South American country.

Even if you have faltered on your diet, tomorrow is a brand new year, so to get back on track…

Start now! You don't need to wait 'til Monday!

Even if you have had a few bad days, right now start being aware of what you are eating and make some better choices for you. Focus on cutting this out first: sugar.

Sugar is the REAL bad boy.

Contrary to popular belief, fat won't make you fat, but sugar will

(… and it’s been proven to be as addictive as cocaine! Read about it here if you don’t believe me:

The more you eat, the more you’ll want.

In basic terms, when you eat sugar your blood sugar levels rocket so your body produces insulin to brings them back down. You experience highs and lows… and when you hit the lows you reach for the snacks and off we go again on the insulin-blood sugar roller coaster.

I know what it’s like… I’m the worlds worst. If I start snacking, I’ll plough through a whole packet of biscuits (and, as for cake, mmmmmmm) So what I do is keep my snacking to one day a week:

My cheaty treat day - you know what it's like if someone tells you you can't have something you want it right?  By having a cheat day I don't feel like I can never have snacks so it is easier to eat healthily the rest of the week without cravings!

Now it’s fair to say I had more than one cheat treat day over Christmas but that's no reason not to try sticking to this for most of January.

The sort of things you can eat on your cheat day could include…biscuits, crisps, cake, pizza all the things you love!

And, remember, just because you have a bad morning, afternoon or day, you don’t need to follow it the next day with another one.

Eat healthily the next day and you’ll be less likely to have the cravings.

Happy eating and have a great New Year!




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