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Last week I asked you to shout out your Christmas weakness.

And from the replies it turns out that a lot of you love chocolate! 

Shhh it’s ok… relax. I’m not going to name and shame you!  ;-) 

Right now, it’s probably a bit of a nightmare for you with Christmas on the way. There’s loads of cocoa-based treats flying around the office and at home, offer after offer in the shops enticing you to eat and sneaky choccies hidden in that drawer in your desk at work (Yep, I know who you are and where it is! ;-)

I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate? 

Want the good news?  It’s good for you! 

Chocolate contains iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, potassium, selenium and phosphorous. 

WOW… but WHOA!

Before you rush off to the supermarket or delve into that secret store… it’s good quality dark chocolate we’re talking about, not the run-of-the-mill Dairy Milk and Mars Bars.

The good news is that by making a small change in your habits you can still enjoy your chocolate fix. 

“But Rich,” I hear you cry, “I don’t like dark chocolate…”

I didn’t either until I started eating it regularly

(These blogs are turning into a Confessions of a Personal Trainer! :-\)

Yes, it does taste different and takes a little adjustment but once you do, you’ll love it. Go on give it a go!

Why not make a commitment to eat nothing but dark chocolate for all of Christmas? Or change your habits in January?

How will you benefit?

  • you need less to satisfy the cravings
  • it’s got less rubbish in it
  • it contains loads of goodness
  • and, most importantly, it contains less sugar so you won’t crave more (… and it’s sugar that makes us fat, by the way, not fat!)

And because of it’s good for you, you can eat more of it!

What is there to dislike?

Not sure yet? Then take a look at difference in sugar content in these bars…


Sugar content per 100g

Mars Bar



Dairy Milk

dairy milk


Sainsbury's 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

sainsburys dark chocolate


Lindt 90% Dark Chocolate



Chose the right chocolate and you can eat it without feeling guilty anymore.  WIN WIN! :-) 





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