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Just 15 days to go and we are already starting to eat more and drink more.  Office parties, Christmas get togethers, quick drink after work?  Why not?  Another mince pie… and so it goes on…

Do you remember how you felt in January last year:

“Oh I really shouldn't have eaten all of that, this year I will get fit and lose that weight…”

… how did that go? 

Oh…ok maybe you can do better this year.

Maybe… I’m not expecting you to eat like most personal trainers will be telling you - broccoli and chicken only over the holidays (I certainly don’t and won’t be eating like that). It’s a time for enjoying yourself!


That said, you can make some better choices and some small adjustments to your normal behaviour

(You can do that, right? You’re clever.)

Think portion size, portion size, portion size! 

Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean you should forget all you know about portion sizes.

Not that it’s your fault. Those pesky food manufactures are pretty craft when it comes to labelling and telling you how much is in a portion size. But they aren’t always as clear about what a portion size is.

Take a simple packet of crisps (confession time: crisps are my weakness – once I pop I really can’t stop! Oops!)…

Anyway, I digress… once you have opened your packet of crisps, do you count out exactly how many you’ll eat or pulls the scales out and weigh them?


Of course you don’t…  but beware of these popular faves.

Want to pop? A single tube of Pringles is 190g and one serving is 30 grams (who knows how many actual Pringles that is?) But if you can work it out it’s 154 calories.

Kettle Crisps

A 150g packet has 3 x 30g servings in…  what happens to the other 60 grams?! There’s 157 calories in one serving here (maybe the last two servings don’t count?)

Prefer nuts?  

These peanuts are sold as 100g packet and 1/8th (yep, that’s one eighth!) of the pack is one portion… and 149 calories.

So, if you only eat 30 grams of crisps or 1/8th of a bag of peanuts or however many Pringles, it’s around 150 calories or nearly a 20 minute run. 

Eat the rest of the bag and that’s a lot of exercise you’ll need to do……

Yes, enjoy them and as you know I’m not one for calorie counting but be aware how easy it is to eat more than you think you are when those snacks come out.

Sometimes it’s easier just to say no and not start!

Happy Snacking!

What’s your ultimate festive guilty pleasure? I want to know (honestly, I’ll keep it a secret!).  It would be great to explode some myths while we’re in the Christmas mood.

 Tell me your favourite yuletide foods and I may cover it in a future blog. Thanks!




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