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Autumn can create a melancholy attitude for everyone, the summer is over, the leaves are changing colour, the weather is cooler and nights are becoming darker and longer.
With the changing of the season it can be easy to start skipping workouts and cheat on diets, it’s too dark or too cold become easy excuses!
To avoid your fitness regime going into hibernation this autumn, here are some top tips to survive the post summer lull and be as fit as ever through till Christmas.
September can be a busy time of year in the fitness industry, a lot of people put on a summer stone and take up a fitness class to get rid of it. There’s just three or four months to go before the party season gets underway and that can be a great motivator for people– but it’s staying the course that’s the hard part!
Top Tips
1.Work Out Outside
Working out in cold weather will burn more calories as your body has to use more energy to stay warm. You’ll boost your immune system and avoid annoying colds by getting your body accustomed to the falling temperatures.
2. Wear sweat proof layers
When working out outdoors during the cold it’s important to keep your muscles warm to get maximum results and avoid strains and pulls. However there’s nothing worse than overheating and sweat pooling in your clothes so make sure you wear layers so you can remove them and or get some sweat proof breathable clothing so you can layer up and work out in comfort.
3. Exercise at work/home
Your body goes into fat storing mode during the autumn and winter so doing small workouts at home and at work can help shed the pounds – get out your fitness DVD’s, or do 10 mins of exercise every hour while you’re at home, walk or jog to work, use the stairs instead of lifts.
4. Focus on your goals and stay motivated
Focus on your goals, don’t skip a workout; you have to push through the barrier. The first weeks of cold weather and dark nights are always the hardest but when you get used to the conditions the effort you make will be worth it in the end.
5. Remember to stay hydrated
Just because it isn’t bright sunshine you still have to make sure to stay hydrated. It’s imperative to drink plenty before during and after your workout. Drink a pint of water about an hour before you start and keep a bottle with you during your workout and drink about half a pint after you’ve finished.




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