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So this weeks What's in it Wednesday covers a television programme.

So did you watch it?  Everyone seemed to be telling me to - I had texts from some friends and an email from my Dad!  Yep my Dad suggesting I watch a TV programme!  I nearly fell off my chair! 

So what was it? BBC's Horizon -The Big Health Dilemma - and all about should we eat meat?  

Did you see it?  What did you think?  If you missed it then watch it iPlayer here.  

So what category do you fall into?  

- Watch it and change some of your eating habits. 

- Watch it and stay as you are? 

- Refuse to watch it so you don't have to face up to it? You may be pleasantly surprised!

Me?  I fall into the second one above! 

One way or the other you really should watch it and make your own decision on it.

I thought it was a well presented and researched program with no over hype or delibrate confrontation that some of these programs seem to revel in! 

***Spoiler Alert***

The long and short of it says that if you eat red meat you increase your risk of dying and if you eat processed red meat (sausages, ham and bacon etc) you increase your risks of dying even more! 
1 extra portion of unprocessed red meat per day = 13% increased risk of premature death
2 extra rashers of bacon per day = 20% increased risk of premature death
But that said it may be beneficial to your health to maybe have one small piece of unprocessed meat a week to give you the iron, zinc and B12 vitamins that are essential for your health that are harder to get from a plant based diet.  

Are but I enjoy my bacon sandwich, who cares what happens in the future.....well you may do.......?  Have you seen someone you know have a heart attack, get cancer or other illnesses that eating the wrong sorts of food can contribute to?  

Watch it yourself and make up your own mind! Here's the link again click here!

Let me know what you thought of the programme - oh and if you recycle your paper and plastic and care about the envronment the second program covering this goes out tonight on BBC2 at 9pm. More here!




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