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So 'What's in it Wednesday' this week explores sugar!  

Yep it's getting a lot of bad coverage in the press at the moment and quite rightly so! And the food manufacturers as getting clever and disguising the sugar under a load of different names!

Sugar appears on labels as 'carbohydrates' and there are naturally occuring ones as well as added sugars and it's those you really need to watch out for. 

Sugar in different formats qualify as being different foods so the clever manufacturers will often use different types of sugar in the same product so that on the packets ingredients list they can move other products further up as they are measured in weight (read more about that here) so you may find 2, 3 or more different types of sugars in the list so it's not as obvious! 

  • HFCS - high frustose corn syrup
  • corn sweetner
  • corn syrup
  • dextrose
  • fruit juice concentrates
  • lactose
  • maltose
  • malt syrup
  • molasses
  • cane juice
  • sucrose
  • honey
  • maple syrup
  • agave

 Any ingredient that ends in 'ose' is likely to be a form of sugar!

Remember that your body thinks it is all sugar and doesn't care what the label calls it! It will have the same effect on you! 

Want to read more then here are a couple of articles that explain more!  This article explains how sugar is hidden in our every day food click here and this article actually shows a study that reveals that a bowl of tomato soup can have as much sugar as a bowl of Frosties!  




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