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This week it's all about portion size and how to understand those pesky labels! 

So forgetting about the amazing claims and bright lights that are all over the front of the packages how do we know what is in it?  You need to check out the 'nutrition information' bit of the label which lists energy (calories), fat, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, salt and anything else that the bright shiny rubbish sales pitch is claiming in trying to convince you to buy it!

Now the difficult bit is that legally they have to show the amounts per 100g or 100ml of the food - they more often than not show it by 'portion size' as well but what is a portion size? Well that depends on the product but I bet you haven't actually weighed it out have you?  Reach for the cereals in the morning and is it 25g, 30g, 45 or 50g?  Next time take a look at the packet and work out what the actual serving size is! Go on I dare you to weigh it out - you'll probably be surprised and I'd be very surprised if you actually have that amount and not a load more! Let me know if I am wrong on that one!

And then it gets ridiculous take this 150g pack of Kettle Chips - they apparently contain 3 servings of 30grams.  Now my counting skills aren't great as anyone who comes to The Playground knows but doesn't 3 x 30g = 90g so we still have 60g left - another 2 portions not even accounted for.....that of course you won't eat will you as you only have 1 serving?!  Hmmmmm....really?

Or these pork sausages 8 sausages 454g in total and the info is given as a 51g grilled sausage - you just have one or is it two.... oh and hang on what's 8 x 51g?  Definitely not 454g - that's probably all the water coming out of them then as that is the 2nd highest ingredient on the list by weight!  Yep really 'pork (61%), water,' and then a load of E numbers and all sorts of crap! And you just wanted a bit of sausage! Stop giggling at the back! Not like that ;-)

So everything varies and it's all a bit of hit and misspeople wonder why there is an obesity epidemic and we are all getting fatter and yet we haven't a clue what is a real portion size! You can see how easy it is to overeat! 

So if you are buying packaged food hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea that you really need to start reading the labels in more detail and work out what a portion size is so you aren't over eating!

Or of course you could just buy food that doesn't have labels - pretty difficult to get it wrong then! ;-)

Let me know if there are any foods or ingredients you want to know more about.

More next week!




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