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After last weeks’ shocking obesity report – did you see that?  Click here if you missed it. I said I’d look at some food / marketing etc in a series of ‘What’s in it Wednesdays’ – the food industry is very clever and can make it very confusing!

Is this ok to eat?  That’s a question I get asked a lot!  I ‘ve had clients email me, call me, bring food packets to their session to show me the ingredients and more!  Usually, but not always the answer to the question is if you need to ask then no!  However that is not always the answer!

In short if it has a list of ingredients chances are you shouldn't be eating it – as you probably know by now I am a firm believer in eating whole foods rather than processed rubbish in packets!  Yes I know it’s easier, you haven’t got the time to cook or you don’t know how or you can’t afford it or your ladder isn’t long enough and any number of other excuses.  Maybe it would make it easier if you actually knew what was in your food!

The food industry is so powerful and has many tricks to hide what is really in your food – most of this info is widely available to find out by using something known as Google (other search engines are available!) but to save you the hassle I will try and answer some questions in  ‘What’s in it Wednesdays!’

And to start this week is something that regularly hits the news with pink slime and more, it’s not something that is known for it’s health properties and no nobody, you’ll be pleased to hear, has asked me if they are ok to eat!  Strange that!

So…. Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's and others – and you probably already know that they don’t have that much ‘chicken’ in but did you know that they have silicone breast implant filler in?

The nuggets are actually only about 50% actual chicken; the rest comprises synthetic ingredients, including dimethylpolysiloxane, a chemical used in silicone that can be found in Silly Putty as well as breast implant filler.

Want to see the full ingredients list click here 

So if you do enjoy your nuggets did you know that you are chewing down something that is used in silly putty and breast implants! Hmmm tasty….

Let me know if there are any foods or ingredients you want to know more about.

And something to think about - if you don’t know what it is, let alone pronounce it then do you really want to eat it!  And just how do you pronounce dimethylpolysiloxane by the way?




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