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23rd May 2014

Here's your fifth and final recipe to go with National Vegetarian Week –and it's a great one for snacks so why not try it out over the weekend! Spicy Lentil Pate with Crudites

It’s just one of many veggie recipes in my 30 Day Healthy Eating & Fat Loss Cook Book – don’t worry meat eaters it not all veggie!!

And your fifth reason to eat more veg - it's a simple one....

Save some money!

We all want to save some pennies – every little counts as someone says! You really don’t need to shell out on meats that are pricey you can get all you need from vegetables. 

Lentils and beans are some of the cheapest proteins available, much cheaper than meat and very good for you. So basically, veggies are cheaper than meat – save some money! 

Now I am not suggesting you don’t eat meat at all (you can if you want to) but why not cut down on the cheap processed stuff, cook with veggies the rest of the time and either save the pennies and or spend the pounds on better quality meat but have it less often! You’ll taste the difference!  And don't worry about protein - it's a popular misconception..... just think where do elephants and rhinos and gorillas get their protein from...... just asking! :-) 

Hope you have enjoyed the recipes over the week - let me know if you had any favourites - I know one seemed very popular from the comments I have received!  Wonder if it was the same as yours!




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