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22nd May 2014

Here's your fourth recipe to go with National Vegetarian Week 

It's a great seasonal breakfast idea - Asparagus Eggy Soldiers! Just make sure you don't drip it down your front before you head off to work! ;-) 

It’s just one of many veggie recipes in my 30 Day Healthy Eating & Fat Loss Cook Book – don’t worry meat eaters it not all veggie!!

And your fourth reason to eat more veg…

Fibre – yep we all hate talking about it but we all do it!!  ;-)

We need to eat plenty of fibre – it keeps us regular, means we don’t have food sitting around inside us rotting away for too long - think nasty smells and bloating…mmmm!

Eating a load of fibre packed veg will also fill you up so you you’ll tend to eat less overall!  Fruit & veg are packed with some great tasting fibre!

Go on pile up that plate with some colour and see how regular you are!

No - I don’t need to know! :-) 




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