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21st May 2014

And your third recipe to go with National Vegetarian Week – it's a great !  :-) 

It’s just one of many veggie recipes in my 30 Day Healthy Eating & Fat Loss Cook Book – don’t worry meat eaters it not all veggie!!

And your third reason to eat more veg and it's not some health related one today!

Environment – we all put the paper and plastic bottles in the recycling box each week and try and hide those wine botttles from the party we had under the paper so the bin man doesn't think you're drinking that much every week!  Or are you?  ;-)  

I don't have a wheely bin so every fortnight have a balancing act to carry my recycling through the house with out any of it droppping out or spilling on my floor! Sometimes more successfully than others! Know the feeling or is it just me? 

So we all try and do our bit for the environment but did you know that the meat industry does a load of harm to the environment?

  • Water pollution: the manure and sewage from stockyards, chicken factories, and other feeding facilities can pollute water supplies.
  • Air pollution: thirty million tons of methane - a gas that contributes to global warning - comes from manure in sewage ponds or heaps.
  • Soil erosion: nearly 40 per cent of the world's grain production is fed to livestock. For each pound of meat, poultry, eggs and milk we produce, farm fields lose about five pounds of topsoil.
  • Water depletion: an estimated half of the grain and hay that's fed to beef cattle is grown on irrigated land. It takes about 390 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef.
  • Energy Use: it takes almost ten times more energy to produce and transport livestock than vegetables.

Have you heard of Meat Free Mondays – why not do your bit for the environment (and your health!) and join in?  To check out their site and find out more just click here.




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