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20th May 2014

Here’s your second recipe to go with National Vegetarian Week – click here to get a great Fennel, Watercress & Walnut Salad recipe for these hot summer days - fingers crossed they are here for a while! 

It’s just one of many veggie recipes in my 30 Day Healthy Eating & Fat Loss Cook Book – don’t worry meat eaters it not all veggie!!

And here's your second reason to eat more veg - now you know I don't like counting calories - mainly coz I can't count (as anyone who has trained with me knows!) but mainly as it is all really dull and time consuming but as rules are there to be broken apparently my second tip is....

Low in Calories  - vegetables tend to be low in calories so by adding more to your plate you can eat more!  Cut down on the size of your meat portion or starchy carbs like pasta, rice and potatoes, get back to eating fresh food and add some extra colour to your meal!

For example:

  • 5 medium asparagus spears have only 16 calories,
  • 1 medium sized apple has less than 75 calories.
  • ½ can of lentils just 50 calories
  • 100g spinach just 29 calories

Now I am not suggesting we all start calorie counting zzzzzzzz...... but you can eat a load more if you are fillimg your plate with fresh veg!  

Get the idea? You’ll probably be surprised at how much extra you can eat!   Go on greedy guts pile up that plate with veg! ;-)




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