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19th May 2014

It's National Vegetarian Week and help you eat more veggies here is the first of 5 veggie recipes from my 30 Day Healthy Eating & Fat Loss Cook Book.

We all know that by eating more we get more vitamins and minerals and if you eat more veggies it will help keep you healthy and energised and reduces your risk of disease etc etc. 

But to be honest it can all be a bit dull can’t it? And we often don’t take this on board so over the next 5 days I’m going to send you 5 recipes to enjoy and 5 tips that will give you good reasons as to why to eat some more veg!

Here’s your first recipe – click here for the very tasty Baked Egg in Avocado Cup recipe!  

And the first tip to help you eat more...

Quick easy snack – they are convenient to eat – some crunch, some squirt, some you peel, some you don't and some you can grow yourself!  J

A friend of mine was at work the other day and had a bag of carrots on his desk as a healthy snack (think it was a one off to be honest) but anyway a colleague said what are you doing – you can’t eat those unless you cook them!  Staggering! I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when I heard that!

Anyway why not cut up some carrots, cucumber and peppers or celery although I seem to be rare in liking the last one and most people I know call it the devils food but I digress!  Cut them up put them in a pot and take them to work with you as a snack to avoid reaching for the biscuits or cake when it appears?  Add some salsa and hummus and you have yourself a healthy tasty snack!





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