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15th May 2014
Did you see the news this week?  It was all over the place! 
Apparently the 'five a day' message is a disaster!  You can read about it here.
The whole idea was meant to make it easy for us all to eat more fruit and veg but now the message is all mixed up and even the portion sizes change depending on where you shop! 
'At Waitrose one kiwi is one of your five a day. At M&S, you need to eat two.  At Asda seven cherry tomatoes count as one portion, but at Waitrose you need to eat 10 and at M&S only three.'
Not suprising it is confusing!  
Oh and quel surprise (bonjour French readers!) it is even being highjacked by big corporations pushing all sorts of processed foods and drinks. You are probably aware of my feelings of processed foods especially those with a long list of unprounceable ingredients and if it has 'light', 'lite', 'low fat' or similar on it then just translate that as 'chemical sh*t storm' and go find some fresh vegetables! :-)
The real message that seems to have been lost is that we all need to eat more vegetables and fruit to optimise our health!  Are you getting enough?  How much do you eat?  Not sure how you can eat more?  
Well you know I like a challenge - next week is National Vegetarian Week!  So are you up for taking on their challenge of going veggie for a week?  Read about their challenge here.  They have a load of recipes on their site so you won't be short of ideas and it's a great way to discover how to add more veg to your daily food and make sure you get enough! 




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