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12th May 2014
How was your weekend?  If it was anything like mine you were acting like a kid, did a cooking course and ended up in hospital! Pretty action packed - just the way I like them well - could have done without the hospital trip!
Don't worry it wasn't me!  
It was my teenage nephew who we had dragged away from his PS3 to join us outside and the rope swing we were playing on (yep me too - would you expect anything else?) broke and he ended up in a pile on the ground!  :-(  And yes, thanks for asking, he's ok now if a bit battered and bruised but has a great story for college today! 
Hope you had a good one and managed to get outside in spite of the mixed weather for a bit of fun and exercise! Hope it wasn't all spent watching tv or checking your tablet or iphone - (other phones are available btw ;-) )
Apparantly the average person spends around 24 hours online each week! Now that’s a lot of funny videos, lots of cute cats, lots of hilarious #FAILS…....and lots of time wasted!




Time that we won’t get back - time that we could be doing some exercise - doesn't have to be a madcap high intensity work out -  even a gentle walk for some sunlight and fresh air does wonders!  Or would you really prefer another cute cat....?


I saw a really moving video over the weekend that really got me thinking. 


You may have seen it but if not here’s the link…



The video has had, predictably, over 35 MILLION views.  Now Alanis Morissette and her spoons and forks and wedding days aren't ironic but I bet even she couldn’t fail to see how ironic that is!




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