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28th April 2014

I've got a confession to make...

I really don’t like exercise…. phew there it is out in the open!

Yes it’s true I am a personal trainer yet I don't jump out of bed in the morning doing star jumps looking forward to a daily routine of burpees and mountain climbers with a few evil press ups thrown in!

Not sure if that will surprise you or not? Why the confession?  Tell you in a minute.

So why do I do some quite high intensity exercise 3 or 4 times a week?  Coz I really hate being a tubby, puffing 40 something bloke who is reluctant to take his shirt of on the beach in the summer more than I hate a few short intense workouts! 

Yep it’s as simple as that by working out a few times a week and making it part of my routine I have found that overall my life is better and I feel happier! 

So why tell you this and confess?  Coz I realised that a lot of my clients think I love training 20 hours a day and that is all I do!!  The reality is I am probably very like you and while for me vanity is near the top of my list for exercising, health is up there as well by the way!  I come up with excuses to put off exercise as much as you probably do!    But I now make it part of my daily routine and put it in my diary as otherwise the day slips by with all sorts of excuses (another tea…., when I have finished this…., after that…, ironing…?) and… ah… I haven’t done my exercise today and then a week will have gone and oops….been there yourself?

So why not put a date in the diary for you for a couple of exercise sessions this week?

Find the reason for YOU though! Is it health or maybe vanity - get rid of the muffin top, the beer belly, stop those bingo wings developing….

Right, now I have wrtten this I have a workout to do - it’s in my diary! ;-) 




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